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What is a garment folding packaging machine?

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What is a garment folding packaging machine?

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The garment folding packaging machine is a device for the garment enterprise to quickly fold and wrap the garments that need to be folded。 It can automatically fold the garment after the size is adjusted in advance, automatically bagging, automatic sealing, and automatic marking。 The realization only needs to manually lay the garment on the operation table, the machine will automatically complete the process of folding, bagging, sealing and marking, and realize the automatic packaging。 This product is based on the absorption of foreign advanced technology。 Innovative development of this product, this product has the advantages of fast speed, neat folding, beautiful packaging, etc。 The whole rapid packaging process can be realized by one person and one machine, and it is used in large clothing enterprises。 The products are widely used in all major dry cleaning plants, garment factories, suit factories, etc。, and have won the appreciation and recognition of our customers。 In the enterprise's packaging and sorting process, it solves the problem of difficult employment for modern enterprises and greatly improves work efficiency


  The working cycle of the collar garment folding packaging machine is 1850mm, which can complete the automatic folding packaging of 1800mm length, and the speed of the garment folding packaging machine reaches 550 pieces/hour.

Clothing folding packaging machine product parameters:

Sealing bag form: transparent plastic seal

Bag form: ordinary dressing bag

Itinerary: 1850mm

Packaging clothing width: adjustable

Bag width: adjustable

Operation interface: touch screen

Packing: folding packaging

Clothing length sensing: automatic

Operating mode: fully automatic

Packing speed: 550-600 pieces / hour

Transmission mode: belt type

Air consumption: 0.8mpa

Power: 0.6kw

Appearance Dimensions Length / Width / Height: 3600 * 1060 * 1730 (mm)

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