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Leading pride - clothing folding packaging machine

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Leading pride - clothing folding packaging machine

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Shenzhen Lingchuang Automation Technology Co., Ltd. produced the first garment folding packaging machine in China in 2009, becoming the pioneer of domestic garment folding packaging machine equipment. In the past nine years, we have been committed to providing customers with technical and high-quality garment folding packaging machine equipment, which has solved production problems for many brand clothing enterprises.


The series of garment folding packaging machines developed and manufactured by our company are intelligent packaging equipments for the garment enterprises to produce fast, fast folding and packaging batches of clothing. It only needs one manual setting on the operation panel of the equipment to fold the size, and the clothes are laid flat. The machine automatically and quickly completes the folding, bagging and sealing process of the batch clothes, and can pack about 600 pieces per person per hour. Achieve the entire packaging process, save a lot of labor costs for the enterprise, and greatly improve production efficiency, suitable for major apparel companies

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