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What is the standard for choosing a garment folding packaging machine?

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What is the standard for choosing a garment folding packaging machine?

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Choose a garment folding packaging machine to be measured according to the company's production standards, how to choose:

1. Determine according to production volume, packaging speed, packaging weight and packaging form

2. Investigate whether the manufacturers of garment folding packaging machines have production capacity, and many production automatic folding packaging machines have no production capacity. This can be judged by the actual inspection of the company;

3. You can ask about the accessories part of the garment folding packaging machine, like the reducer. Now many manufacturers choose to be inferior in order to pursue low price. This is very bad for the automatic folding packaging machine.


Choosing a good clothing folding packaging machine solves a lot of troublesome problems. Leading the garment folding packaging machine can pack about 600 pieces of products in one hour, which has solved a lot of time for the enterprise. Applicable to major service companies

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